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Honda Hybrids are pretty popular, and Honda manufactures plenty of them. As those vehicles age, so do their hybrid batteries. At some point, they need to be replaced. At Russ’s Wrench we offer broad range of Honda Hybrid services, and we also do Honda hybrid battery replacements. With all those used hybrid batteries piling up, Honda decided to find a way to recycle and reuse them. In Europe it expanded its partnership with a major European recycling company – SNAM. They will evaluate used hybrid batteries and divide them based on the state – if they are still viable – they will be used for electrical storage for homes and businesses. If they are dead, they will be recycled. Fortunately,…
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May, 2020—Volkswagen is not only betting its future on electric cars (we talked about this in our previous blog posts) but it is also working on restructuring its manufacturing processes through creation of an Industrial Cloud, which is supposed to improve efficiency of its manufacturing plants, and reduce production costs. Initially by 2019 Volkswagen linked 3 plants, but now it plans to expand the project to 15 plants. Volkswagen Industrial Cloud provides standardized ways to collect manufacturing plant data, and use the data to provide predictive maintenance information and reduction of vehicle rework though the use of Artificial Intelligence applications. Data from several hundred thousand machines and manufacturing plant items will be recorded by sensors, and fed into the AI…
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Great news for those of us who liked the rugged Ford Bronco – it is back! Twenty five years after it was discontinued, Ford is bringing Ford Bronco back. In its new incarnation, it will become an SUV, but it still has that rugged Ford Bronco design. It will come with two choices of the turbocharged EcoBoost engine, you will have a choice of automatic or manual transmissions, and plenty of accessories to choose from. Unlike the original Bronco, the new Ford Bronco SUV will be roomy enough to take friends or family on those outdoor adventures. Naturally, Russ’s Wrench will be ready to support the new Ford Bronco when it becomes available. In the meantime, we stand ready to…
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If your Honda has been sitting in the garage due to the lockdowns, or just because it’s been a while since you visited your friendly auto mechanic, here are 5 things you can do to check if your Honda needs immediate attention, or if you can continue to drive it until the next regularly scheduled maintenance visit: 1) Leaks: If you have not driven your Honda for a while, just fire up the engine, and move the car – see if there are any spots where it was standing – any leaks should be easy to spot. 2) Tires: Compare inflation level – just walk around your Honda. Are any tires lower than the others? If yes, time to go…
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Electric Volkswagen ID.3

Just in time for the September 2019 Frankfurt Auto Motor Show, Volkswagen is expected to unveil in Frankfurt its newest car - electric Volkswagen ID.3 Needless to say, details of the vehicle are hard to discern, but it is an electric vehicle so we can expect it to be a lively, fun to drive car. The one thing that Volkswagen has revealed is the electric range of the vehicle - from the low-end version, which will do 200 miles, to the high-end VW ID.3 which will carry you for 340 miles before it needs to be recharged. If these numbers hold up, this Volkswagen could be a game changer - an electric vehicle that will take you to Reno or…
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