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If your Honda has been sitting in the garage due to the lockdowns, or just because it’s been a while since you visited your friendly auto mechanic, here are 5 things you can do to check if your Honda needs immediate attention, or if you can continue to drive it until the next regularly scheduled maintenance visit:

1) Leaks: If you have not driven your Honda for a while, just fire up the engine, and move the car – see if there are any spots where it was standing – any leaks should be easy to spot.

2) Tires: Compare inflation level – just walk around your Honda. Are any tires lower than the others? If yes, time to go to the local gas station, or visit our auto repair shop in Clinton to get some air. If they are inflated at the same level – nothing to be done.

3) Battery: Does the battery have a lot of corrosion built up on the cables, where they are attached to the battery? If it’s really bad, you should have a professionals look at it. If it’s just a little bit, you are ok, but do mention it to your mechanic next time you go for Honda oil service.

4) Windshield washers/wipers. The dust and ashes coming from the fires give us the perfect opportunity to see if the windshield washer is working and if the wipers clean fully – there should be no streaks. If there are streaks, take a little rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and wipe the wiper surface – this should clean any buildup. If they are still leaving streaks – plan to have them replaced before the Fall rains.

5) Engine oil: Check engine oil level – if it’s low, time to top it up, but also next time you visit a mechanic, mention that you had to top up engine oil – any good shop will make a note in their database and will check for leaks and excessive engine oil consumption whenever you bring your Honda for service.

If your Honda passes all 5 tests – it’s a good sign. But do take it in for a regular oil service, as there are many automotive subsystem that should be checked on regular basis, and regular oil service is probably the best thing you can do for engine longevity – your Honda will reward you with years of faithful service.