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Electric Volkswagen ID.3

Just in time for the September 2019 Frankfurt Auto Motor Show, Volkswagen is expected to unveil in Frankfurt its newest car – electric Volkswagen ID.3

Needless to say, details of the vehicle are hard to discern, but it is an electric vehicle so we can expect it to be a lively, fun to drive car.

The one thing that Volkswagen has revealed is the electric range of the vehicle – from the low-end version, which will do 200 miles, to the high-end VW ID.3 which will carry you for 340 miles before it needs to be recharged.

If these numbers hold up, this Volkswagen could be a game changer – an electric vehicle that will take you to Reno or Tahoe without needing to recharge, and you will still have spare capacity in case of inclement weather or if you want to take a little sightseeing side trip.

Naturally, we will keep you posted as the details and first road test results of the Electric Volkswagen ID.3 become available.

In the meantime, we continue to service and repair all Volkswagen models currently available in the Bay Area. So, if your favorite VW needs some TLC – give us a call.