Suspension Repair

Why Choose Russ’s Wrench for your Suspension Repair?

Your suspension helps to smooth out the rough roads of Clinton, New Jersey and the rest of Hunterdon County. It absorbs the bumps and ruts, while also contributing to your performance driving capabilities. If your suspension starts to develop problems, you will hear chattering, feel the bumps more, and your handling will be noticeably worse. When this starts to happen, bring your vehicle into Russ’s Wrench for affordable, long-lasting suspension repairs.

Suspension experts you can trust

Our ASE-Certified Technicians at Russ’s Wrench know the ins and outs of shock and strut replacement, coil spring replacement, and more. They know both foreign and domestic vehicles, from the Audi A8 to the Dodge Charger, as well as light- and medium-duty trucks like the Ford F-Series. They are dedicated to giving the residents of Hunterdon County the suspension repairs and service they need to keep their cars, trucks, and SUVs on the road.

Thorough Suspension System inspections

Our technicians will perform a visual and mechanical inspection of your suspension, along with associated systems including your wheels and tires along with your steering system. All of these system work together, and what you may think could be a suspension problem could in fact be an issue with your tires. We want to diagnose your problem right the first time.

Comprehensive Overviews

Our in-depth overviews explain all of the issues we discover in the course of our inspections, and we offer a transparent look at our findings. It also gives the customer the opportunity to ask our service team any questions they may have about our inspection process and anything that is found, before moving ahead with any suspension repairs.

No-Pressure Repair Recommendations

We will also provide a list of suggested suspension repairs, including a full quote for the work for each repair. This gives the customer a record of what vital and nonvital suspension repairs we are proposing, and allows them to decide if they want to okay the repairs, or if there are certain repairs they don’t want to do at the time. All suspension repair recommendations come without pressure to have them done – we know you need time to think before committing the time and money they way require.

Quality suspension components for your suspension repair

You can’t make quality suspension repairs with subpar parts, which is why we use only the best in OEM and aftermarket shocks, struts, coil springs, and other suspension components. This ensures a long-lasting repair that provides you peace of mind behind the wheel.

Convenience and Benefits for our Customers

  • Dedicated to treating our customers with respect, fairness, and hard work
  • ASE Master Certified Technicians
  • Monroe Expert Plus
  • GM Certified
  • Quality OEM and aftermarket parts
  • Free loaner car during your repair

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