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Honda Hybrids are pretty popular, and Honda manufactures plenty of them. As those vehicles age, so do their hybrid batteries. At some point, they need to be replaced. At Russ’s Wrench we offer broad range of Honda Hybrid services, and we also do Honda hybrid battery replacements.

With all those used hybrid batteries piling up, Honda decided to find a way to recycle and reuse them. In Europe it expanded its partnership with a major European recycling company – SNAM. They will evaluate used hybrid batteries and divide them based on the state – if they are still viable – they will be used for electrical storage for homes and businesses. If they are dead, they will be recycled.

Fortunately, new recycling technologies have been developed that allow for economic recovery of rare earth metals that are used in manufacture of the hybrid batteries. Recyclers will extract Lithium and Cobalt from the dead batteries, and these metals will be used to produce new hybrid batteries. Cobalt can also be reused in the production of pigments – you may have heard of “cobalt blue” – it is a blue pigment created by mixing alumina with cobalt oxide the temperature of about 2200 F.

At Russ’s Wrench we not only admire Honda for their environment-friendly practices but also join in by running an environmentally friendly shop. In the meantime, if your Honda Hybrid requires service or repairs, or if its hybrid battery needs to be replaced, give us a call – we are happy to be of service.