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Your alternator is an integral part of your starting system, helping to restore power to the battery that is lost while starting and running the engine. A failing alternator will lead to dimmed lights, a weak or dead battery, difficulty starting, strange smells, and odd sounds such as grinding or whining. It can also affect other parts of the charging and starting system causing further failures. Of course, other components of the systems could also be the culprit, which is why you need to bring it to Frank’s European Service for inspection and testing.


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Experienced and Friendly Technicians Dedicated to Quality Alternator Repairs

Our service center has been open since 2001, employing ASE-Certified Master Technicians with years of experience. It’s not just experience that matters, but also attention to the customer. While our priority is in providing the right repairs, we also know that our clients expect the best in customer service, so we stress professional and courteous communication.

Thorough inspections and accurate testing

Our technicians will perform a number of tests to make sure we test the issue properly. This includes visual inspection and electrical testing of the alternator itself, as well as visual inspection of connecting belts, checking the battery charge, and testing the starter. All of these pieces of the charging system can cause similar symptoms, to a thorough inspection is important.

Comprehensive and Honest Overviews

Once we have examined the alternator and other pieces of the system, we will provide a thorough overview of all faults found within the system. This overview will discuss everything from minor issues – maybe the battery needs replacement – up to alternator rebuilding or replacement, all in as much detail as possible.

No-Pressure Repair Recommendations

At Frank’s European Service, we pride ourselves in making the correct diagnosis, quickly and accurately. We know that alternator repair isn’t something you work into your budget, and we’ll only recommend repairs for exactly what needs to be fixed. We don’t like being pressured, and we know you don’t like it either – that’s why all of our repair recommendations are concise, and come with no pressure to proceed with the repairs if you are not convinced.

Repairs Performed with Quality Parts

Making sure that your repairs are complete with an OEM or quality aftermarket alternator ensures that you don’t have to worry about the part again anytime soon – less time spent in the repair shop or stranded in parking lots. Quality parts also mean you only have to buy those parts once, not again and again.

My overall experience was amazing and the business is fantastic!

Elissa of Califon, NJ

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